Miss Wednesday’s Review of the Year 2014

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Dec 212014

Apologies for the lack of Wittering last week but Miss Wednesday was somewhat out of sorts.  She’s almost back to her normal, cheery self.  Almost…

It’s been a bit of a year, all told.  The decision to close The March Hare wasn’t an easy one but once made, it all became remarkably simple.  A frustrating time finding new premises, initially via the world’s most inefficient and up themselves estate agents (Kivells) and rudest Parish Clerk (St Neot), came to an end once the nice people at Cornwall Council were consulted and a new workshop materialised just in the nick of time.  Admittedly, it’s not really big enough and the hunt is on for somewhere larger but for the time being it is warm, dry and does the job.  Hopefully a unit will become available in the New Year, which Mr March can fit out and Miss Wednesday can paint and there will be room for a cutting table and plenty of storage for fabrics.  Right now, it’s all a bit cramped.  And there’s never enough space for all the petticoats!

The award for Most Popular Frock of the year is a tie between Diana (which has been a favourite for 3 years now) and Verity.  Bardot may well give them a run for their money next year, though.  That one didn’t get launched as planned as the photographs never materialised but once some decent pictures are taken, it may well prove to be a winner as so far it’s been incredibly a real crowd-pleaser and the people who have ordered it have all been chuffed as nuts with it.

Miss Wednesday is currently applying herself to designing some new styles, although she is getting rather distracted by tweeds when she should be working on the beautiful spring and summer fabrics currently taking over her workshop.  The tiny tulip print fabric is particularly delicious.  Just wait until you see that with the yellow petticoat…

The New Year may well see Wednesday March on tour, too.  It’s about time Miss Wednesday got out more so if there are any vintage or retro events that you think she should visit – either just in person or with a stand – then do, please, let her know.

This is probably the last Wittering for 2014 (unless Miss Wednesday gets thoroughly ratted next week and remembers the password for the laptop) so do have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.   But for now, thank you very much for your custom, support and company during 2014 and please stay with us for 2015.  It should be a blast!

Cartoon of woman lying with head in a tub of Quality Street chocolates.

The Wednesday March Christmas Party!



Sore fingers!

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Dec 072014

Miss Wednesday is a little quiet at the moment.  She is very busy with orders promised before Christmas (which won’t make themselves) and the tailoring course is intensive.  Intensive and wonderful.  No, the Dior “Corolle” style jacket isn’t on the mannequin yet but there is a jacket under construction and it’s shaping up rather nicely.  Dark olive green wool and lined with a Liberty print cotton in cream, green and plum.  Delicious.  Cut short, curvy and nipped in at the waist, with a cute little tulip-shaped welt pocket.

Tulip-shaped welt pocket on green woollen fabric.

That welt pocket with the cute shaping

When you wince at the price tag of a bespoke tailored jacket or suit (think Savile Row), ask yourself just how much actually goes into the garment(s).

Firstly, there’s the fabric.  You want a fine quality wool for a decent jacket or suit?  Well, that is likely to set you back at least £20 a metre.  For Harris Tweed (oh, the joy) think £35 a metre at least.  Three or four metres for a suit.  Then there’s the horsehair canvas for the interfacing, a nice fabric for the lining, thread, tape…  It all adds up.

Cream, green and plum Liberty print fabric

Delicious lining fabric.

What about the labour?  Well, Miss Wednesday has very sore fingers at the moment, mostly through pad stitching the horsehair canvas to the wool of the suit lapels and collar.  It has to be done by hand and it takes hours.  And hours.  Now, Miss Wednesday likes hand-stitching and is good at it but, crikey, there’s a lot of it involved in this tailoring business!

Chevron-effect stitching

Pad stitching on the lapel. One of the lapels. And then there’s the collar…


Still, the results will be worth it.  It’s starting to shape up now.  One sleeve is done, lining fixed in place and ready and the next will be done before the next class on Friday.  It’s coming along nicely.  Over the Christmas ‘break’, Miss Wednesday will create a design folder, full of exciting things like a colour wheel, tints, tones and shades, textures, 2D, 3D, low relief and then there is the sample folder.  No pressure…  But all so fascinating.  Watch this space.