She’s Back!

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Mar 152015

You may or may not have noticed a deafening silence from this direction last Sunday.  There were tumbleweeds blowing through the ether.*  Miss Wednesday has been somewhat indisposed and therefore her weekly blog didn’t happen.  Not only did she have nothing about which she could fashion a blog, she had been struggling to even sit up in bed to actually type it.  Admittedly, by Sunday she was starting to get better but it still wasn’t good.

So she had a nice relaxing bath, as is her usual Sunday morning ritual, enveloped in a haze of rose-scented Floris, sustained by gin and good coffee and entertained by slightly soggy copies of Tatler and Vogue.

[Please imagine a lovely picture of a luxurious Edwardian bathroom, complete with tub full of bubbles.  That’s what is supposed to be here, only with left-over lurgy still loitering, it proved to be a challenge too far.]

That’s when the fury started.  Now, obviously, it wasn’t the Tatler causing it – perish the thought.  That publication has given Miss W nothing but delight since she started reading it at school, back when Noah was in the sixth form.  It wasn’t even Vogue.  No, it was a little booklet/brochure enclosed with Vogue and showcasing the SS15 collection from a fashion label that had best remain anonymous.

Now Miss Wednesday was brought up in a world where quality and value were synonymous.  If you bought quality, you automatically obtained good value.  (We’re not talking “ridiculously overpriced luxury” here, just proper, well-crafted, good quality.)  And when you bought something new, it was expected to look new when you bought it and – very importantly – to last a good long time, ageing gracefully once it lost its novelty and newness, to became a well-worn, loved and trusted old friend.

So what’s with this vogue for buying things that already look, well, knackered?  Why would you want to spend your hard-earned cash on something that is pretty much worn out before you even get chance to wear it in?  Doesn’t compute with Miss Wednesday at all.  In between coughing, sneezing and swigging (medicinal) gin, she grumbled very loudly at pretty much every page of that brochure.  Especially when she noticed the elasticated and drawstring waists…

Incidentally, the same principles apply with husbands.  Either bag a nice new one and expect to wear him in and keep him forever or pick up a dodgy old one, expect him to look, well, “worn in” (although don’t make the mistake of expecting him to be properly trained; if he’s back on the market, it’s almost certainly because he isn’t) and definitely don’t think he’ll see you out.  Of course, if that’s your plan. Anna Nicole…


*Well, actually, they were dog hair dust bunnies but Miss Wednesday has never been domesticated and considers animal hair to be excellent insulation.

Miss Wednesday’s Favourite Month

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Mar 012015

Goodness, it’s St David’s Day already, ushering in Miss Wednesday’s favourite month.  Well, it would have to be, wouldn’t it?  She was born on a Wednesday in March, after all.  And Miss Jane makes the first of her handful of annual visits to Looe this month, so the top tier of the Petticoat Club all get together for what used to be known as The March Hare’s Staff Christmas Party.  Back in the days when it was just Miss Wednesday and Miss Jane and Derek at Papa Nino’s only had to find two leftover crackers.  Now, of course, they require six of them, together with crackers, party poppers and rather a lot of Prosecco.

March is also a favourite of Miss Wednesday for another reason.  She starts to feel properly springy in March and, along with desperately wanting to be on the Cote d’Azur, begins to break out both her cherished older designs and any new frocks she’s designed over the winter months.  This year sees some lovely new fabrics waiting to be made up into the designs that are still in her head (quite a few one-way prints requiring different skirts) and some cute new frocks for the Ready To Wear collection, which will be in Lovely Lane in Polperro for Easter.   Some are already there, although not this one yet.  Soon.  Hopefully this week!

1950s style sundress with tie straps in peach shell print fabric

This is Anna, the latest RTW frock. Cute as a button, huh?

Larger view of 1950s style sundress in peach shell print

A slightly larger view of Anna. Note the ties on the shoulders, making her adjustable…

Anna is almost complete now and will retail at £75 in sizes S, M, L and XL.  And then it’s on with the next design.  Which Miss Wednesday has almost worked out in her head.  Almost…

If you’re wanting a new spring or summer frock, especially a made to measure one, don’t leave it too long before having a chat with Miss Wednesday and placing your order.  Things are busy at the workshop already and this year has the added entertainment of some musical commitments with The Changing Room so Miss W won’t be available at all at Easter, as the band’s off to Ireland to represent Cornwall at the Pan Celtic Festival in Derry.  It’s all go!