Nov 302015

Since the last blog post, there has been a lot happening.  The lease with the Duchy has been signed, the studio cleaned and (mostly) painted and some of the furniture moved in.

Workshop with mess of boxes, bags and DIY stuff

The chaos before the beauty

Plenty of discussions have been had, plans made and much coffee drunk.  We still need to source a massive dresser and even larger cutting table.  And a fridge.  Somehow all the fabric, patterns, haberdashery, books, more fabric, mannequins, hangers, etc have to be transferred from the office at Liskeard to this lovely new studio.  Now, last time I went through this particular variety of agony, I had a lovely big 4×4.  This time?  An MX5.  This may take a while…

But it will all be worth it when everything is in its place and there is space to work.

Assorted detritus and shop sign

The old shop sign waiting for its new home.

Yes, that’s the sign from the old shop in Looe.  I always knew it would come in handy one day and now I have just the place for it.  Just waiting for someone who isn’t afraid of heights to fix it in place.  It is going to look wonderful.

There are new rugs in place now at the workstations and in the changing room and the Tassimo has been working hard.

Sewing workstation with table, chair and sewing machine

Miss Wednesday’s new workstation.

Workstations?  Plural?  Oh, yes.  Because Miss Wednesday will no longer be working alone and her offering will have expanded and sharing the space will be one of her tailoring chums, who specialises in children’s wear.


To be continued. . .