Apr 062014

The Grand Move has now happened.  The March Hare has closed and gone and Wednesday March is now installed in her new home on the outskirts of Liskeard.  It’s a small new home – an office unit in a building of managed office spaces – but it is lovely and warm, dry, carpeted and has a kitchen with a fridge and a microwave and two lavs.  Oh, and a postbox with a Wednesday March label.   Things like this make Miss Wednesday happy.  (Don’t worry about the microwave; Miss Wednesday will not be breaking the terms of her probation by attempting to cook anything…)  There is also plenty of lovely, free parking outside for clients and it’s pretty easy to find, too.  What’s not to like?

The move was accomplished swiftly and fairly painlessly.  The shop itself closed on Friday 28th March and Miss Wednesday and Miss Tina decamped to Plymouth Guildhall for the Fashion In The City event on Saturday 29th.  That was a roaring success, with the Wednesday March frocks making quite a splash on the catwalk and a great time was had by all.

Diana in motion

Miss Wednesday and her long-suffering Spouse deposited the stuff from the fashion show at the new workspace on Sunday and then on Monday, Miss Wednesday and Miss Sara embarked on the mammoth Operation April Bunny, to move the rest of the shop, lock, stock and barrel (minus the counter, which stayed with the shop) to the new place.  They made several journeys in both Miss Wednesday’s Panzer and Miss Sara’s beloved MX5, Snippy (it’s a hairdresser’s car!) and then called in the wonderful Tid, with his van, to help with the big and heavy stuff.  At the end of a very industrious day, all that was left to do was for Miss Wednesday to go back to the shop on Tuesday to vacuum, take away the rubbish and hand the keys back to the lovely landlady.  Well, ‘all that was left to do’ might be a bit of an understatement.  At the new place, there was chaos.  Bags and boxes everywhere and no floor to be seen.  Miss Sara told Miss Wednesday that their planned Sunday outing was cancelled and they’d be sorting and tidying instead, in order to get the new workspace into some semblance of, well, workable space.

Oh really…?

Miss Wednesday is made of formidable stuff.  Not only did she find floor on Wednesday morning (just in time for the visit of Maurice, the fabric rep) but by Thursday afternoon she’d cleared enough space to cut the skirts for two frocks and had put up the sewing table and the machines.  She also started cutting a pattern.  And on Friday, she finished cutting the pattern and made most of a frock.  Business as usual.

Sundae Best catwalk

Wednesday March, Office 2, 5 Holman Road, Liskeard Business Park, LISKEARD, Cornwall, PL14 3UT.  Telephone number 01579 324140.  Email:  wednesday@wednesdaymarch.com.

Clients are welcome to visit, although it isn’t a shop and as such, Miss Wednesday doesn’t tend to keep particularly strict ‘opening hours’.  Call or send her a message via the usual channels and she’ll be delighted to have you visit.

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