Wednesday March is a retro-inspired, ladies clothing line, based in Cornwall, UK.  It all started when Miss Wednesday opened a little vintage boutique, The March Hare, in the beautiful seaside town of East Looe.  Within days of opening, she realised that her beautiful vintage garments were not going to fit most of the people who walked through the door (real vintage clothing is way smaller than modern sizing) and she therefore dusted off her trusty sewing machine and started making her own frocks.  The shop closed at the end of March 2014, after 4 wonderful years but Wednesday March continues to go from strength to strength, after business outgrew the premises and set-up!

There’s nothing quite like a good frock to make a girl feel wonderful and that’s what Wednesday March aims to do.  Whether you’re a re-enactor off to a festival or the Goodwood Revival, a vintage or retro enthusiast, looking for something a little ‘different’ or you just appreciate a good frock, there is probably something for you.  Just pick your style and fabric and have a chat with Miss Wednesday by phone, email, or social media message.  Sample fabrics can be posted to you.  At present, there is no online shop with a “Add to basket” button because that’s not the way bespoke works.  The customer plays a much larger part in the process but this also ensures that they get exactly the garment they want.  Vintage style, your way.

By buying a Wednesday March garment, you’re supporting British manufacturing, too.  Good, huh?

The Wednesday March line is inspired by vintage and classic styling but made in modern sizes, designed for modern figures.  Women these days tend to be larger all over (food is no longer rationed and life is far less physical) and with considerably thicker waists.  They are also less inclined to squeeze themselves into shapewear.  Garments can be tailored to almost any shape or size but some work better than others.  Miss Wednesday will be happy to advise you whether a particular style will work for you or if something else would suit better.  If you’re lucky, she won’t be too blunt in her choice of words.  But don’t be taken in by the grouchy exterior; what she really wants – and what makes her tick – is for you to find your perfect style and to feel on top of the world.  Then she just might smile…

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Email:  wednesday@wednesdaymarch.com or via the Facebook page.