Miss Wednesday Loves…


Miss Wednesday makes a good frock and is passionate about her retro/vintage style.  But she’s also well aware that not everybody can afford – or wants – to wear her stuff all the time.  And if you try to wear Wednesday March from head to toe, well, you’re going to end up a tad chilly because she doesn’t make everything necessary for leaving the house dressed in a manner that won’t get you arrested.  So here are some links to her favourite resources for the other wonderful purveyors of British loveliness.


Best place to source knitwear that works with waistlines and doesn’t swamp skirts or bag over the hips?  Try these:-

Brora make Miss Wednesday’s favouritest favourite cropped cardigans in the best quality cashmere.  Yes, they are pricy but they are true classics and of a quality that means they will, literally, last for years.  A considered purchase but one that you won’t regret.  And if you have the nerve to wait until the sale, you can often nab a bargain!  The products are designed and manufactured in the UK and are meant to last.  They also use Linton and Harris Tweeds in their British tailoring.

Miss Fortune makes utterly fab retro knitwear, including cropped cardigans that work with swing dresses.  All designed and made in the UK.  If you want to look like Brigitte Bardot, try her off the shoulder tops.  Her style is retro, psychobilly and, well, just a little bit different, which is always a Very Good Thing.  Cracking designs, incredibly reasonably priced and hugely popular with my March Hare customers.  She also does those elastic belts and stocks a range of funky handbags.  Follow her on Facebook for news, discount codes and notice of sales.


Ah, shoes.  Miss Wednesday loves her shoes.  Alas, shoes made in the UK are nigh on impossible if you don’t have a budget that runs to “Off The Scale” but there are small British shoe companies and designers who deserve your support.  If you’ve ever wondered where she gets them from, look no further…

Miss L Fire are Miss Wednesday’s favouritest favourites when it comes to shoes.  They are fab, funky and comfortable.  The website is a bit of a pain and the “No returns on sale items because the prices are so wonderful” policy can’t actually be legal (Distance Selling Regulations, etc, not to mention to the fact that the sale prices aren’t really that amazing) but the shoes themselves are a joy.  Follow them on Facebook for advance warning of their massively popular sample sales.

Agnes & Norman make shoes that are very different from the all-out funkiness of Miss L Fire, but no less wonderful for that.  More classically-styled, they are also beautifully made and very comfortable.  Miss Jane is a particular fan.  Follow on Facebook for news of sales and discounts.  (NB:  Don’t expect good communications from them, although they do – eventually – deliver and put right any blips in their online shopping cart/checkout!)

And then there’s Kevin Garlick.  Miss Wednesday has yet to encounter a pair of his shoes in the leather, as it were, but she lives in hope.  Heard lots of good things, loves the styles.  Mr Garlick makes a lot of shoes for re-enactors, film and theatre so he must be getting things right.  Check out his gallery and follow him on Facebook.  Prepare to drool, if authenticity is what you’re after.


Yes, you heard what you heard.  Jeans.  Denims.  Miss Wednesday recognises their existence and, to a certain extent, understands their appeal.  If you like that sort of thing.

Lady K Loves has a reputation for cutting fantastic jeans and trousers that actually fit women with shape.  Her most popular styles sell out quickly (especially the “Hug Me Baby” jeans) so follow her on Facebook for warning of new stock.


In order to really nail the vintage or retro look, most people need a little assistance, especially if they’re very keen on authenticity.  Look no further…

What Katie Did are the best purveyor of retro underwear, corsetry, shapewear and hosiery on the planet.  Bar none.  They combine authenticity with funkiness and all-out glamour.  Katie herself understands the challenges of creating vintage figures on modern bodies and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of lingerie and its history.  She also cuts the best off the peg corsetry.  There’s a lot of solidly-made, mass-produced corsetry out there but WKD corsets actually contour the body, rather than just squeezing it in the middle.  If you already have a vintage-figure (8″-10″ waist:hip differential), you’ll be amazed what the hip goring can do.  If you have a less curvy figure, you’ll be stunned by the transformation.  And if you don’t want lacing and constrictive boning, but do want to nip in your waist in order to fit into that beautiful vintage 50s frock, check out the shapewear.  It works.  And – always a bonus – still looks wonderful when you take the frock off.  Modern shapewear, eg Spanx, don’t do that!  There’s a Facebook page to follow, too.

Model in peach-coloured vintage-style underwear

Create the right shape for your look!