She’s Back!

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Mar 152015

You may or may not have noticed a deafening silence from this direction last Sunday.  There were tumbleweeds blowing through the ether.*  Miss Wednesday has been somewhat indisposed and therefore her weekly blog didn’t happen.  Not only did she have nothing about which she could fashion a blog, she had been struggling to even sit up in bed to actually type it.  Admittedly, by Sunday she was starting to get better but it still wasn’t good.

So she had a nice relaxing bath, as is her usual Sunday morning ritual, enveloped in a haze of rose-scented Floris, sustained by gin and good coffee and entertained by slightly soggy copies of Tatler and Vogue.

[Please imagine a lovely picture of a luxurious Edwardian bathroom, complete with tub full of bubbles.  That’s what is supposed to be here, only with left-over lurgy still loitering, it proved to be a challenge too far.]

That’s when the fury started.  Now, obviously, it wasn’t the Tatler causing it – perish the thought.  That publication has given Miss W nothing but delight since she started reading it at school, back when Noah was in the sixth form.  It wasn’t even Vogue.  No, it was a little booklet/brochure enclosed with Vogue and showcasing the SS15 collection from a fashion label that had best remain anonymous.

Now Miss Wednesday was brought up in a world where quality and value were synonymous.  If you bought quality, you automatically obtained good value.  (We’re not talking “ridiculously overpriced luxury” here, just proper, well-crafted, good quality.)  And when you bought something new, it was expected to look new when you bought it and – very importantly – to last a good long time, ageing gracefully once it lost its novelty and newness, to became a well-worn, loved and trusted old friend.

So what’s with this vogue for buying things that already look, well, knackered?  Why would you want to spend your hard-earned cash on something that is pretty much worn out before you even get chance to wear it in?  Doesn’t compute with Miss Wednesday at all.  In between coughing, sneezing and swigging (medicinal) gin, she grumbled very loudly at pretty much every page of that brochure.  Especially when she noticed the elasticated and drawstring waists…

Incidentally, the same principles apply with husbands.  Either bag a nice new one and expect to wear him in and keep him forever or pick up a dodgy old one, expect him to look, well, “worn in” (although don’t make the mistake of expecting him to be properly trained; if he’s back on the market, it’s almost certainly because he isn’t) and definitely don’t think he’ll see you out.  Of course, if that’s your plan. Anna Nicole…


*Well, actually, they were dog hair dust bunnies but Miss Wednesday has never been domesticated and considers animal hair to be excellent insulation.

Nov 232014

Six months in the preparation and now it’s all over…

Last night was the long awaited fashion show at the Eden Project, in conjunction with various local designers and educational establishments in aid of People and Gardens.  It may come as a bit of a shock to hear that all the Wednesday March frocks were finished by 5.30pm on Friday 21st.  This is either some sort of a record or, as is widely suspected, Miss Wednesday was kidnapped and replaced with an alien.  She is never finished with time to spare.  It was all a bit strange.

Mrs A turned up at the allotted time with an appropriate vehicle (borrowed from her husband), plus a wodge of  printed order forms and some wonderfully displayed fabric samples.  Miss Wednesday had packed the frocks and petticoats (and the assorted bits and bobs that would have been needed if she hadn’t taken them) and everything was duly loaded into the car.  Miss Sara, Miss Jane, Miss Tina and Miss Sarah all turned up and it was time to go.

Three cars travelled in convoy to the Eden Project and then promptly got lost.  It’s a rather large place with a lot of car parks but no obvious signs of the stewards we’d been told to locate.  Various routes were tried but nary a parking steward was seen.  It turned out, after a slight altercation with a very long, very bendy bus and an “Authorised Vehicles Only” road, that the parking stewards had misunderstood their instructions and weren’t turning up until much later.  But Miss Wednesday and Miss Tina got out and walked to find help and appropriate guidance, armed only with a pashmina and a small stash of TicTacs.  Thanks to their bravery – it was getting a tad chilly, even if it wasn’t quite the below zero temperatures that Miss Wednesday was bleating about – eventually People Who Knew Stuff were located, everybody got to the right place and everything was unloaded.  (Miss Lucinda and Miss Zoe were already there, having had no such navigation problems.)

There followed a few hours involving heated rollers, make-up brushes and a lot of standing around.  No, the bar was not open but Miss Wednesday did ascertain from the barman that there was a good supply of gin.  More on that later…


One tiny rehearsal  for the WM models was squeezed in at about 6.30pm, despite every other designer having their models poncing up and down the catwalk for ages but no choreographed routine to learn.  Mrs A was a tad savage about that as she and Miss Sara had worked very hard on that routine and, naturally, they were worried that timings might go to pot in the actual show as most of the models had no idea what was going to happen and some hadn’t even heard the music.

Wednesday March was the third designer to show, after quite of lot of “asymmetric” knitwear and, er, scarves.  Oh, and a rather weird yoga/deportment lecture from one designer.  Much hilarity now ensues with members of the Petticoat Club whenever scarves or “zipping up” are mentioned.  You had to be there…

Then it was time…


Model in halterneck cherry print frock

The newest WM model, Miss Sara, in a Leah frock in pink and white Japanese cherry blossom print. Over a purple petticoat. Stunning!


What?  You want pictures of the actual show?  Ah.  Yes.  Well.  Er, later.  Miss Wednesday isn’t renowned for her prowess with anything like a camera and did her very best to take actual video of the show rather than mess up a lot of pictures.   She swears it said it was recording and the red light was on.

Fortunately, there were plenty of official photographers and people videoing it so there will be better pictures in due course.  Including ones of the models who stole the show, the lovely Miss Julie and Miss Helen from People and Gardens, who raised the biggest cheer of the night.

To be continued…


Is this thing on…?

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Feb 142014

*tap tap tap*

It’s all a bit worrisome, this website malarky.  Not something in my comfort zone.  You can, and should, expect many breaks in service while I put my head under the sofa cushions to block out the modern world for a bit.  Or go in search of gin to help with that aim.  I find gin to be very effective…

So, here I am having a little play with a WordPress website thingy.  Apparently, “blogging is the way to go and people will like [my] witterings”.  It has been suggested that people may even snort their gin over their screens when they read said witterings.  I’m not sure I approve of that, although have to admit that it’s not an uncommon scenario here at Wednesday HQ when something tickles my fancy.  I may be a Grumpy Old Trad Hag but even GOTHs have a sense of humour.  Somewhere.  Mine is usually clad in well-cut black and sniggering at something that isn’t necessarily funny or the least bit politically correct.  You will need to accept this if you choose to stick around.

As well as gin and cowardice breaks, you should also expect a lot of stuff about frocks.  Mostly mine, obviously, but others will no doubt feature, along with ramblings about shoes, make-up, dogs, cats, chickens, the utter madness of the world today and my fixation with fixing the planet’s problems starting in our own backyard.  Globalisation, industrialisation and supermarkets are likely to come under fire.  My loathing of exploitation of resources (both natural and human) in the cause of greed and much cheapness will be abundantly clear.  I refuse to sacrifice my principles at the altar of Mammon.  So there.  (Yah, boo, sucks and bagsy.)

Come along for the ride, if you’d like to.  There will be frocks and gin.  And if you should decide you are unable to live without one (or more) of my frocks, there will be a way to contact me and organise the commission and delivery of such.  Just don’t ask me how at the moment.  Unless you leave a comment.  Ooh, yes, there’s an idea!  Do leave a comment!  Leave a comment anyway!  That’ll make me feel a little less like I’m talking to myself…