The Petticoat Club


Well, it’s too good not to share…

Regular readers of Miss Wednesday’s Witterings will know about The Petticoat Club, a select but fairly hardcore group of her friends, who meet up for tea, gin, cocktails, dinner, breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea…  The origins can be found here.

It has been suggested by more than one person that they would love to have a similar support system or even just the occasional outing with petticoated peers, maybe to enjoy tea at a vintage event, tea shop or emporium.  Apparently, people like the idea of The Petticoat Club.  Some have even been angling to “join”!  (Obviously, if they knew the grumpiness level of the founder members, they’d soon rethink that particular desire.)  So it looks like The Petticoat Club may have to expand its horizons and membership.

The first step in this Petticoat World Domination Plan is to gauge interest.  To this end, there will be a Facebook Group set up for customers of Miss Wednesday who like the idea of having a little friendly haven where they can meet other like-minded petticoat/retro/vintage fans for a chat.  Once we have an idea of how many people are interested and where in the country/world/universe they are, then maybe we can arrange outings, meet-ups, parties, dances, weekenders, conferences, rallies, world domination…

But, yes, first things first.

Now, knowing the the control-freakery and grumpiness of Miss Wednesday, obviously it will be a closed group and you’ll need to send a request to join.  Once approved, you’ll be able to read and post.   The closed nature of the group is the best protection against spammers and trolls.  (Miss Wednesday isn’t fond of trolls – or spammers – and will deal with any that may get through.  They may well wish they hadn’t bothered.)

Topics for “discussion” can be pretty much anything, although you might like to bear in mind, at least to start with, the common denominator and group’s raison d’etre.  Through chatting about vintage and retro style, you can meet and make friends with others who share your passion.  Find out where the best events are.  Where to sample the most delicious cocktails.  Tea.  Cake.  Chat about the reactions of “norms” to your petticoated or retro style (always entertaining) and share information on all those little niceties that make us tick.

Nothing is really verboten, although anything unpleasant will be removed and the poster informed of this by Miss Wednesday.  If you’re wondering if something is suitable/permissible, then it probably isn’t.  Feel free to send a private message to an Admin (Miss Wednesday, Miss Sara or Miss Jane).   Just remember that we are not at home to Mrs Rude.

To start with, the group is for customers of Miss Wednesday.  If you own a Wednesday March garment, it will have a ‘Wednesday March’ label inside.  That’s your passport.  Yes, you can talk about other makes and labels.  After all, few people dress in Wednesday March all day, every day!  But don’t start posting spam about “Like and share and you can win this wonderful dress from Lindy Bop!” because Miss Wednesday does have to draw the line somewhere and you don’t want to get her on the subject of badly-made rubbish. Seriously.

So here we have it.  Ladies, I give you The Petticoat Club!