Apr 132014

It’s lovely being in my shiny, warm new studio with all the tools of my trade within easy reach.  (At least, they will be once Mr March builds some shelving and the precarious stack of boxes currently cluttering the room can be dispensed with.)  The first thing I did upon taking possession of the space, however, was to put together one of my garment rails and hang my stock and sample frocks.  The next thing was to clothe the mannequins (Sylvia, Christabel, Emmeline and Gladys) in appropriate frockage, too.  Why?  Because I like frocks.  Frocks are what I do.  (Okay, Christabel is currently wearing a full circle skirt and a lovely off the shoulder top by Miss Fortune but there’s always one who likes to buck the trend and the yellow cherry print of the skirt is just too springlike and cheerful to ignore.)

But it would appear that some people have a problem with the frock thing.  I know.  Weird, huh?  The number of times in the shop that I’d hear, “Oh, it’s lovely but when would I wear it?”  Er, it’s a frock.  Just wear it.  No biggie.

“Oh, but I don’t wear dresses…”

Why ever not?

“Oh.  Well, I don’t know really.  I don’t know how!”

Excuse me?  How?!  You just put it on.  Seriously.  Frocks are the ultimate in easy dressing.  Here’s how it’s done:-

  1. Open wardrobe and select frock.
  2. Slip frock over head, arms in and fasten.
  3. Shoes on.
  4. Job’s a good ‘un.  You’re ready to go.

There.  That was easy, wasn’t it?  No fussing over which top matches or clashes or whether the two styles work.  None of the hassle of separates.  Fling on a frock and go.  Knickers optional.  Although, frankly, if you wear full circles and go out of the house on a windy day, they are vital…

Of course, some people feel a bit, well, dressed up in a frock.  Nothing wrong with dressing up, if you ask me, but I’m a stickler for high standards.  It’s also been mentioned by more than one client that whilst they like a full-on frock for ‘going out’, they do encounter some raised eyebrows on the school run if they wear something too eye-catching.  Well, that’s the problem of the birds in the leggings if you ask me, and personally I think they need a slap educating, but I do get the point.  So, having had this discussion with a client just this week, we decided that Frances would be just the ticket for the school run – and many other occasions – because she’s a low-key style (terribly Audrey Hepburn) but can be dressed up as much as your heart desires when you’re not picking your way around the not-so-yummy mummies loitering in the playground.

Frances navy penny spot


See?  Beautifully plain styling, demure neckline but much lower at the back and a full circle skirt, cut on the bias, to drape and flow perfectly, whether worn over a petticoat or not.  Wear it as as simple summer dress with flats and sunnies or rock it with petticoat, gloves, heels and a picture hat to a wedding.  Easy and versatile.  I like that in a frock.

Shown here in a navy penny spot cotton poplin, this particular frock comes in plenty of fabric choices, from tiny polka dots and ditsy prints, to full on shilling spots (think Minnie Mouse!), florals, checks and novelty prints.  If you particularly want a fabric with a one-way design, then the skirt has to be either pleated or gathered rather than the circular one shown here but that’s do-able, too.  This bespoke lark has a lot going for it, you know.  Your frock, made for you, your way.  Oh, and Frances starts at £85.  Should you feel the need to add her to your wardrobe, send a message via the usual social media channels or email direct on wednesday@wednesdaymarch.com.

  2 Responses to “The Thing About Frocks…”

  1. I know all about those mummies!!!! They can snigger and gossip to their hearts content!
    Especially the ones who like to grace the playground with their see through leggings and unwashed selves!!!
    I shall stand fabulous in my Miss Wednesday March frock!!!

    • Krystal, you are an inspiration! Keep up the good work. 🙂

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